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A Mother’s Radical, Resolute Release


It was a dark, troubling time for a conquered nation that suffered the cruelty of slavery, oppression and mercilessness in a foreign land.

A population boom among the Hebrew slaves drove a remorseless ruler, Pharaoh, to decree that all newborn boys were to be thrown into the river. To have a male child was utterly unacceptable and fraught with risk; to say the least.

Mother's radical, resolute release


In such dire, dismal circumstances, a Levite woman named Jochebed gave birth to a baby boy. (Read Exodus 2:1-10).

Jochebed had a baby boy when the law was exclusively favourable towards girls. But this infant would not suffer the outcome that had been dictated by the law. This newborn had a determined mother.

Her baby was destined for greatness. Her baby carried potential. Her baby had to live.

What spurred Jochebed to boldly respond this way?

1) This mother recognized the value of what she held in her hands  

Jochebed’s baby was special. No one had to tell her that. She recognized it with her own eyes: She saw that he was a special baby and kept him hidden for three months (Exodus 2:2).

She was cautious; she was protective. In the midst of grave danger, she cocooned her precious little one in her loving care for as long as she could…for three months.

Three months, then…

2) This mother released her precious seed into the Hand of God  

When Jochebed realized that she could no longer hide her baby, she still remained steadfast in her intention to care for him. But she bravely decided to pursue a divine strategy that most would deem foolish and few would ever consider.

She took a basket made of papyrus reeds and waterproofed it with tar and pitch. Then, she placed her baby in the basket and laid it among the reeds along the Nile riverbank (v.3).

A desperate situation put Jochebed in a difficult position; nevertheless, this dear woman made a bold decision with such unwavering trust in God. She placed her baby in a basket and hid it along the bank of a fast-moving river!

Jochebed had so much trust in God that she did not even stay to see the outcome. It was her daughter who kept watch to see what would happen next (v.4).

The result was beyond their wildest imagination!

This Mother’s Release led to Countless Opportunities

The basket was picked up by Pharaoh’s daughter, and the baby’s quick-thinking, big sister arranged for a maid – her mother, Jochebed – to nurse him! Jochebed was not only allowed to nurse her own son, but she was given a royal income to do so (v. 7-9)!

God had ordained a safe, nurturing environment for the baby boy in the palace that belonged to Pharaoh – the same Pharaoh – who had decreed that all male children should die. This Hebrew baby was raised as royalty in a foreign land right in the enemy’s camp (v. 10)!

Now, that’s the favour of God!

Jochebed’s courage and willingness to release her precious seed made room for countless opportunities from the Lord. God used her son to powerfully defeat Pharaoh, depart the Red Sea and lead the entire nation of Israel out of captivity.

Jochebed was the proud mother of Moses! (On a related note, the Hebraic meaning of Jochebed’s name is God’s Glory.)

God is looking for our obedience and trust in Him, through which He will turn around bad situations for our good. When we are obedient to God, He will cause His favour and increase to overflow in our lives.

A bold commitment to release our precious seed, whatever it may be, aligns us with the plans and purposes of God.

How have we handled what God has deposited in our hands? Are we clinging to it in fear? Or are we bold enough to release that treasure into His hand for His glory? 

Your release has the potential to transform your life and that of generations to come. Surrender it all to Him!

I thank God for my Mommy, who resolutely released me to the Lord with unwavering trust. Happy Mother’s Day to my Mommy and all Mommies everywhere! May God bless you, keep you and lead you!

Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the LORD is to be praised. (Proverbs 31:30)


Author: QRI

A little bit about QRI...in a pistachio shell: My name is Rathiha and I am blessed to be married to my amazing husband, Quinton. We have a handsome little boy named Ish. We are privileged to be children of the Most High God! His love for us is vast beyond all measure and He has blessed us beyond our wildest dreams. And it is our hope that this site will capture a bit about our journey. We are passionate about serving people in any capacity required. It brings us much joy to help others to rise up and be all that God has called them to be. We invite you to subscribe to our blog (by simply entering your email address in the Subscribe field in the third column) and to stay connected with us. And while you're here checking out the content, drop us a line in the comments section. We would love to hear from you. Remain blessed!

4 thoughts on “A Mother’s Radical, Resolute Release

  1. Thank you rathi and happy mothers day-amma & appa

  2. Awesome post Rathi!! Sometimes as a mother and when u have one child it is difficult to release. I had this fear of releasing my daughter but now I have learnt that she is more safe. In His hands than mine.

    • To God be the glory! Thank you for taking the time to read it Acca! This revelation has blessed me so much. I just hope and pray that I will resolutely release Ish…(not simply release and then hold on to his sleeve!) 🙂

      God bless you!!! Love!!

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