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A Children’s Story for You: Sweeter than Candy!


This is a special QRI children’s story release for all who visited our home on October 31st.

Hope your family enjoys Sweeter than Candy!


I was excited. A famous storyteller was coming to town. Everyone was talking about this man.

He told some pretty amazing stories.

“Zack, it’s time to go,” my Mom said.

I quickly put on my red sandals and grabbed my snack bag. Good thing I packed my candies last night!

My Mom, Dad and I walked outside and went down the lane towards the mountains. It was a long walk. So many families walked in the same direction.

There were donkeys and camels walking along, too. I really wanted to hop on and go for a ride! But I stayed close to Mom and Dad.

Finally, we saw a huge crowd of people standing together. What was everyone looking at?

When we got closer, Dad lifted me onto his shoulders. And I could finally see him.

The famous man stood on a giant rock. He started to tell us a cool story.

After some time, I heard some rumbling sounds from my tummy. I was hungry.

I asked Dad to put me down so I could get my snack bag.

Hmm…what to eat? Do I want to eat dates, or maybe some figs…or… CANDY!

What could be sweeter than candy?

I happily munched away on my candy just as some men came near. They asked everyone what they had for lunch.

People shook their heads. They did not bring any food with them.

The men came to me and asked, “Little boy, what do you have in your bag? Can we have it?”

I became afraid. I did not want to give them my snacks. What if I got hungry again?

“I ate all my food,” I told them. “I have nothing in my bag.”

The men went away.

After awhile, I heard the famous man giving thanks for bread.

Then, the group of men came around and gave bread and fish sticks to everyone.

It was so yummy! We had seconds and thirds! So much food!

But, where did all this food come from?

I asked the kids sitting nearby. No one knew the answer.

Then, I saw one of the men who asked me for my snacks earlier.

I went to him and asked, “Excuse me, Mister; where did all of this food come from?”

The man pointed. “See that boy over there?” he asked. “His name is Nathan. He gave us his lunch.”

I ran over to Nathan, who was standing near a palm tree.

“My name is Zack,” I said. “Did you give us all this food?”

“Not really,” he said. “I just gave what I had.”

By this time, many little children had gathered to listen.

“What did you have in your bag?” I asked.

Nathan said, “Two little fish and five small bread sticks.”

“How is that possible, Nathan?” I asked. “There were so many hungry people. Everyone ate until they were really full. And there are leftovers in the baskets over there!”

Nathan opened his small bag and showed it to me.

When I looked inside, there was nothing.

It was empty.

“I gave them all I had,” Nathan said. “People were hungry and I wanted to share what I had.”

“But, how can that be?” I asked. “How did the famous man give us so much food from the little that you gave him?”

“He gave thanks to God and prayed,” he said. “And the food multiplied into a feast.”

All the children who heard this were amazed.

“What an awesome story, Nathan!” I said. “Thank you for sharing what you had with us.”

I reached down and picked up my bag. I gave away all of my snacks to Nathan and the children nearby.

It made me happy to see so many smiles all around.

Today was much sweeter than candy!

Based on the true story of a little boy who gave his lunch to a famous man. 5000 people were fed that day.

The famous man’s name is Jesus.

Read the full story.


Author: QRI

A little bit about QRI...in a pistachio shell: My name is Rathiha and I am blessed to be married to my amazing husband, Quinton. We have a handsome little boy named Ish. We are privileged to be children of the Most High God! His love for us is vast beyond all measure and He has blessed us beyond our wildest dreams. And it is our hope that this site will capture a bit about our journey. We are passionate about serving people in any capacity required. It brings us much joy to help others to rise up and be all that God has called them to be. We invite you to subscribe to our blog (by simply entering your email address in the Subscribe field in the third column) and to stay connected with us. And while you're here checking out the content, drop us a line in the comments section. We would love to hear from you. Remain blessed!

4 thoughts on “A Children’s Story for You: Sweeter than Candy!

  1. It’s a relief to find someone who can explain thngis so well

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