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Hold On, Warrior!

Hold On, Warrior!King David has been recorded in history for his passion for God and several incredible feats.

And he definitely deserved a medal for his stellar leadership qualities. His troop of mighty warriors is proof.

It was only recently that this brief passage about one of his soldiers captured my attention:

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Spotlight on…Pastor Paulo Mugarura

Paulo Mugarura, Worship Pastor and Recording Artist; Image Credit: http://www.pmugarura.com

Meet our dear friend, Pastor Paulo Mugarura.

We are blessed to have such an anointed vessel of the Lord as our Worship Pastor at Woodvale Pentecostal Church.

With a sincere heart for worship and desire to connect people with God, Pastor Paulo has been releasing phenomenal congregational worship songs – along with lead sheets, chord charts, demos; the works – for free!

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When only Love can make a way

This birthday is special. And it is one that I plan to celebrate well. It is the first birthday since God instantly healed me of a degenerative condition with no medical cure about 6 months ago on Jan. 23rd, 2011.

Among the multitude of blessings that He has showered me with, I thank God for the prayers that He has answered and for His grace that has brought me so far.

More importantly, I thank God for every single request that I have ever asked of Him that He chose not to answer no matter how much I whined, complained and protested about it.

Sounds strange, doesn’t it? This takes me back to my teen years, which was no easy road.

Orchids emerge from between the rocks in Athens, Greece

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Love conquers all

Latha - The Early Years, India (1996)

In a tiny clay hut in an impoverished village in South India, a couple is faced with a daily struggle to make ends meet and raise their two young daughters. As a maid, the mother makes only a fraction of what is owed for her hard work. The father works odd jobs and due to an intense battle with alcoholism, the fruit of his labour rarely makes it home. Many days, there was nothing to eat. There was no one they could turn to for help or support.

One day, the youngest daughter developed a dangerously high fever. There was no doctor or medical aid in her village or the surrounding area to help. There was no one to assess or treat the little girl’s condition in time. She quickly succumbed to the illness.

Overcome with grief over the loss of her only sibling to a curable illness, the now only daughter was determined to become a nurse to help her village with medical needs. Beyond the financial need for her family’s basic necessities and her education, there was a deep yearning in this young girl’s heart for someone to talk with; someone she could call friend.

This is Latha’s story. Latha is Quinton’s sister through sponsorship.

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A new season

I am literally standing by the grace of God! If I had to contemplate every blessing that we have received, especially since my miraculous healing on January 23, 2011, I would seriously pass out! And so, I won’t even bother with trying to process it all…

QRI original image - Spring pic of our Maple; Ottawa ON

It has been pure joy since I got my life back. I am able to be take care of and have fun with Q and Ish, work fulltime, tackle special projects, drive; you name it! Q is so surprised over how much energy I have. Even my doctor feared that I would have setbacks, but when she heard about how I was doing two months later, she said: I know that this is a true miracle. I know it! 

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I am healed!!! Praise God!!!

Two weeks after Jesus healed Rathi, she was out having fun with her family at Winterlude 2011!

Two weeks after Jesus healed Rathi, she was out having fun with her family at Winterlude 2011!

Today, we’re celebrating one month since my healing! My health and life have been completely restored as of January 23rd, 2011. I am sure that the details below will baffle you as much as it has amazed everyone around me, including the team of medical professionals that was assigned to my case…correction: my former case!

The Lord has been so good to us. We are in awe of His wondrous works.

I really have no words to express how I feel about this incredible miracle. Please read on and find out why!

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