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Our Sincere Thanks…and an Announcement!

To all of our dear subscribers and followers of QRI Musings,

Thank you for your support of our blog, QRI Musings. We are still at a loss for words that our readership spans over 90 countries. We give God all the glory!

It is with delight that we inform you that we are moving forward with a brand new initiative. With the birth of our second son, Josiah Ezekiel Judah, we had considered renaming our blog for some time, but the Lord had something much greater in mind.

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new website: Dew2Flourish.com! This is the new name and location of our blog. (Please bear with us as we make some tweaks here and there during this transition.)


Over the next little while, we will be sharing more about the vision of this new initiative and we will be revealing some exciting features. It is our hope that you will want to remain connected with us through your subscription.

We will be migrating our current subscribers to our new website within the next two weeks.

Unfortunately, there is no way to migrate our wordpress.com followers. We kindly request that you visit our new website and consider subscribing.

Thank you again for being a faithful friend of ours and for all your prayers. We look forward to the greater things that God has in store in this new season ahead.

A Blessed and Prosperous 2015 to you and yours!

Note: We have just published our inaugural post on Dew2Flourish.com titled “A New Year: Start Strong, Finish Strong.” Please have a read. We hope it will be a blessing to you!

With lots of love,

Quinton, Rathiha, Ishmerai and Josiah (QRIJ)
—  Team Dew2Flourish  —



Viewer Discretion is Advised



Just a question:

A qCanvas original titled "Viewer Discretion"

A qCanvas original titled “Viewer Discretion”

What was your reaction when you saw the title of this blogpost?

Did you sense any alarm bells going off after you read it?

(Please take a moment to reflect on your reaction before you continue reading this post.)

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The Significance of Motherly Covering

The following post is my loving message to every woman.

May The Lord enlighten the eyes of your heart
to see your role in a new light.

(Please share this with every woman in your life.
Men are also most welcome to read and learn from this!)

In the early morning hours of Dec. 31, 2012, I had a dream that I was conversing with a beautiful angel.

Quinton, Ish and I were seated together with the angel around a café table. The angel leaned over to me and said, in a gentle, yet concerned tone:

“Who puts cream on Ish?”

Leaves providing shade for growing apples (QRI Images - DSLR capture)

Leaves providing shade for growing apples (QRI Images – DSLR capture)

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A Time and Season of Change

“He changes times and seasons…” (Daniel 2:21a)

There are moments when words simply cannot do justice in describing an experience. This is our attempt to record an overview of an entire season’s worth of such moments.

As you read the following post, we pray that the Lord will speak to your heart about pursuing Him in a deeper level in your faith journey. May this spark a deep hunger in your heart to know the heart of God and experience Him in a fresh way in your life.

Sun blazing through the fog (QRI - iPhone capture)

Sun blazing through the fog on a snow-covered field (QRI – iPhone capture)

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In the Zone

Carefully positioning a nail at the edge of a precisely trimmed plank, he steadily tapped away.

The thud of each hammer strike echoed throughout the town.


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From Desperation to Miracle

The sounds of the fast-approaching crowd grew louder. They told me that He will be coming my way.

Here He comes.

Here’s my chance.

It’s now or never.

QRI Images: Solitary light on a wintery night

QRI Images: Solitary light on a wintery night

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A Children’s Story for You: Sweeter than Candy!

This is a special QRI children’s story release for all who visited our home on October 31st.

Hope your family enjoys Sweeter than Candy!


I was excited. A famous storyteller was coming to town. Everyone was talking about this man.

He told some pretty amazing stories.

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