QRI Musings

Reflections on how amazing grace is transforming our journey. Read on and be inspired!

Go Deeper

Gain deeper insight into the nature and character of God.
(Re-)Discover the Names of God in Hebrew/Aramaic with us; one day at a time.
Let’s Go Deeper!

Studying The Names of God

Jehovah Go’el: The Lord, My Redeemer

–> As Our Kinsman-Redeemer, He paid our ransom in full so we would no longer be enslaved by sin. He willingly gave His Life and ordained His covenant with us for all eternity. We are so precious to Him.

Take time to marvel over His Amazing Love that has been poured out for all humanity. It is through Jesus that we are restored to God and to absolute freedom from the wages of sin, which is eternal death. He won the victory for us on the cross; thereby defeating death once and for all!

El Shaddai: Almighty/All-Sufficient God

–> He is Our Nourisher. Out of the abundance of His Love, He saturates our lives with bountiful blessings. He is more than enough for us. He is Our All!

El Hannora: The Awesome God

–> The word “awesome” originated in Him, but there is no word or language that can adequately describe Him who is unfathomable and indescribable. All who gaze upon Him are inspired in awe and reverence. He is Our Inspiration!

Gelah Raz: Revealer of Mysteries

–> He rewards the hunger of those who seek Him. His secrets are with those who fear Him. Will you ask Him to open up the scroll of His Truth to you? He is Yours to discover!

El Migdal-Oz: God, My High Tower

–> He is our ultimate, vantage point. In Him, we remain above all situations, away from pestilence, and out of danger. He is our fortified zone of refuge.

Jehovah Magen: The Lord, My Shield

–> Never fear the darts that the enemy hurls at you for The Lord Himself encompasses you. Those who depend on the Lord will always advance and never retreat. Now; spring forward!

El Chuwl: God Who Birthed You

–> He decreed you into existence. He conceived you before you were conceived in your mother’s womb. You are no accident. You are His amazing miracle!

El De’ot: God of Knowledge

–> A significant lesson learned in Eden: One must never pursue knowledge instead of God. He is Omniscient; the all-knowing One. The wise and prudent heart seeks to know Him, and knowledge is acquired as part of the overflow of a relationship with Him.

El G’mulah: God of Vengeance

–> He will render what we deserve based on our works. Our repentance (i.e., humility to ask Him to forgive our wrongdoings) attracts His mercy and keeps us from being consumed in judgment. Every person who toys with evil will realize that he or she is defying the Living God. He will repay in full.

El Azar: God is My Helper

–> Our call for help will always reach the ears of our ever-present Hero and Ally. All we need to do is ask Him. We will never be helpless with Him by our side.

El Chanun: Gracious God

–> We have all fallen short; yet, He freely bestows His Grace to empower each of us and grant us complete access to boldly approach His Throne. When His lavish gift of Grace is unwrapped in our lives, transformation and restoration are inevitable. Will you accept His personalized gift to you?

El Mekor Mayim Chayim: God, the Fountain of Living Waters

–>Don’t rely on deceptive brooks in life that will, sooner than later, run dry. Drink deeply of His pure, abundant Fount that will truly satisfy your deepest longing and every need. He is the unceasing, overflowing Spring of everlasting life!

El Rumn Ro’sh: God, the Lifter of my head

–> When the sheer weight of worries, sorrows, guilt and shame causes your head to droop, He offers to carry your load; gently lifting your head so you can look deeply into His compassionate eyes. With your eyes on Him, you can make it through it all.

El Sathar: God, My Hiding Place

–> He is the place of divine exchange of our inabilities with His empowering grace (our fear for His security; our despair for His peace; our weakness for His strength…). Just as a child find comforts in his/her mother’s arms, be soothed in His embrace. He is Home, Sweet Home!

El Emet: God of Truth

–> There is no trace of wavering or falsehood in Him. He neither lies nor changes His mind. His Word proves true. He is Absolute Truth.

Elohim Yakol: God, the Most Able

–> He makes possible that which is labelled impossible. Even if it has been written off by the world, He breathes life into that which is lifeless. Be fully convinced: He will fulfill His promises to you!

El Mikarov: God Who is Near

–> Wondering where God is in your situation? His promise of proximity awaits your desire to have Him in your personal space. He will never force His way into your life. Draw near, with confidence, to His Grace. He awaits your decision.

Elohim Ahavah: God is Love

–>The Greatest Expression of Love: He dwelt among us, lived, died, and arose in triumph; all for us. Celebrate the vastness of His unfailing Love through which we learn to love others. His steadfast, unconditional Love is eternally guaranteed. Yes; He is Love!

Yahweh Ori: The Lord is My Light

–> His radiance pierces the darkness that surrounds humanity. In obeying Him, you allow His light to shine upon your face, to order your steps, and to emanate through your life to your surroundings. Be a child of light.

Olam Zerowa: The Everlasting Arms

–> Even if the arms of a human being give way, His everlasting arms will continue to carry you. You are forever safe and secure in His embrace. Lean on Him!

Elohay Tehilati: God of My Praise

–> Acknowledging who He is through our praise invites His sweet Presence in our midst. Our continual praise, regardless of whether life is fair or unfair, positions us for breakthrough. Let everything that has breath praise the Lord for He is Worthy of all praise!

El Simchah Giyl: God Our Exceeding Joy

–> Inexpressible joy is birthed in His Presence through the revelation of His glory. Forget circumstantial happiness; pursue Him and receive joy unspeakable and full of glory!

El Emunah: Faithful God

–> He is Loyal. He keeps His Covenant with every generation; remaining ever true to His Word. He is Trustworthy!

Yahweh Hoseenu: God Our Maker

–> His Hands formed us and continue to fashion our character unto His likeness. Allow Him to perfect you!

El Hakavod: God of Glory

–> All creation offers a glimpse of His Majesty. He graciously reveals more of His glorious splendour to those who desire for it. Show us the full measure of Your Glory, Lord!

El Rachum: God of Mercy/Compassion

–> His tender mercies will sustain you every day. He will neither repay you according to your mistakes nor abandon you in your plight. His love abounds for you.

Eloah Selichot: God of Forgiveness

–> He is Our Pardon. He paid the price for us with His life. His Mercy has erased our past. Confess your mistakes to Him and embrace His Freedom. Learn to forgive others as He has forgiven you. Just as importantly, learn to forgive yourself.

Jehovah Tsuri: The Lord is Our Strength (Rock)

–> He is Our firm footing and sure foundation. He will gird us with strength and make our feet like deer’s feet to traverse all terrains.

Esh Oklah: Our God is Consuming Fire

–> The fire of His presence obliterates that which is not for us. His everlasting love and passion for us is unquenchable.

El Kanna: Zealous (Jealous) God

–> We are His treasure and He is fervently devoted to us. He will not share His rightful place in our lives with anything or anyone.

Jehovah Nissi: The Lord Our Banner

–> He is Our Victory. When we allow Him to reign in our lives, we choose to fight every battle from the place of Victory. From Victory unto Victory. Thank God for the Cross!

Jehovah Raah (Rohi): The Lord Our Shepherd

–> He leads and sustains us by His tender love. His constant care is available to us.

Jehovah Shammah: The Lord is There (Present)

–> He is Ever-Accessible. No matter who forsakes you, He is always there for you. Lean on Him!

Jehovah Sabaoth: The Lord of Hosts

–> He is Commander-in-Chief of the army of angelic hosts. He is Sovereign Ruler over all powers in every realm. (Do you realize Who walks with you?)

Jehovah Tsidkenu: The Lord Our Righteousness

–> In Him, we have the right standing with God. He is Our Justice and Vindication.

Jehovah M’Kaddesh: The Lord Our Sanctifier

–> He is Holiness. He purifies us, makes us whole, and sets us apart for Himself.

Jehovah Shalom: The Lord Our Peace

–> In need of peace? His perfect peace permeates and guards our hearts and minds through Christ.

Jehovah Jireh: The Lord Will Provide

–> Look no further than God. He is The Source. He satisfies!

Jehovah Raphe: The Lord Who Heals

–> He heals our diseases. He heals our infirmities. He restores us!

Jehovah/Yahweh: I Am Who I Am

–> He is Lord. He is Infinite Truth. He is!

El Olam: Everlasting/Eternal God

–> He is constant. The duration of eternity is found in Him. His love endures forever.

El Roi: God Who Continually Sees Me

–> Wherever we are, His all-seeing eyes rest upon us. He never sleeps. He keeps watch over us, always.

Elohim: God (Mighty Creator)

–> He is All-Powerful; the Creator of all. He called forth all things into existence.


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