QRI Musings

Reflections on how amazing grace is transforming our journey. Read on and be inspired!

Scenic Route Images

For the past 10 years, one of our most favourite hobbies is venturing out on frequent nature expeditions with camera in hand. The fact that we were able to incorporate our passion into our daily routine during our commute to the city for work is a great blessing in itself.

Our eyes have always been drawn to the simplest details that are oftentimes overlooked. Be it strange weather patterns, rare plants, elusive creatures, and so much more than any lens could capture; travel, nature and wildlife photography has given us an amazing opportunity to document God’s handiwork.

It is our hope that these images will inspire you to take a closer look at His beauty and splendour that is glorified all around you.

Join us on the QRI Scenic Route!


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Addington Highlands, Ontario


Horses - Fall backdrop


Morris Island, Ontario 

Early Spring




White Lake, Ontario 




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