QRI Musings

Reflections on how amazing grace is transforming our journey. Read on and be inspired!

Sing It

Praise God for the beautiful gift of music! Here are some videos that will encourage you in your journey: NOTE: As our collection grows, we will be separating these videos into bi-monthly volumes, that can be accessed through the menu along the top or through the links at the end of this page.

How Great Thou Art (by World Outreach Worship ft. StikYard)

“Then sings my soul!”

Live Like You’re Free (by Dan Macaulay)

“Now freedom’s in our reach!”

Higher + Wider + Deeper (by Citipointe Live)

“Love that can move the mountains, yet knows me by name!”

A Million Suns (by Hillsong United)

“The universe; an echo of Your Power!”

Same God (by Tye Tribbett)

“The fight ain’t fair, ’cause I’ve already won!”

I’m On the Rise (by Jekalyn Carr)

“You gotta believe it’s gonna happen!”

Holy Spirit (by Jesus Culture)

“To be overcome by Your Presence, Lord!”

Glorious (by BJ Putnam)

“Shout it out, shout it out if you know He’s good!”

My God (by Kurtis Parks and Oasis)

“We need a saturation!”

Unshakable (by Fred Hammond and the United Tenors)

“Invincible; unbreakable; unmovable; unshakable!”

Want to see more featured videos?

Check out:

Volume 3: May 2013

Volume 2: April 2013

Volume 1: Feb. 2013 to Mar. 2013


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